Powder coating Sydney

An Investment in Quality - Approved Applicators of Dulux &Interpon Warranty Powders

Accent Quality Powder Coating

With over 20 years experience, Accent has mastered this technical method of applying a decorative and protective finish to metal and have become a premium name in Powdercoating Sydney.

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Metal Stripping

Trust the dedicated Accent paint stripping experts to return your previously coated material back to the substrate.

Paint Stripping Services

Chemical stripping is an excellent method of removing powdercoating without damaging the base material.

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Alsupply - exceeding expectations for superior design and functionality, with service, quality and competitive pricing.

Alsupply Aluminium

We are a one-stop shop for all your aluminium needs in Sydney – Powderocated Aluminium, Hardware, Doors, Geometric Sections.

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An Investment In Quality Powdercoating

Accent Powder coating Sydney


Only applicators who have met stringent quality conditions and international standards are granted this approval, and we have invested heavily in our business to guarantee our performance in both preparing and coating your material.

For over 20 years Accent Powdercoaters has been providing premium quality Powder coating, Metal Stripping & Paint Stripping services in Sydney. We take pride in our excellent reputation amongst our customers, suppliers, and competitors

Accent is more than just a Powder coater.  Our genuine commitment to quality and service has seen an expansion to our services to meet and exceed our customer needs, and we will continue to do so. We know that our client’s reputation rests on the quality of their work, and our goal is to achieve the highest level of quality and customer service for our clients to support them in this endeavor.

Accent Powder coaters Brookvale & Accent Powder coaters Leichhardt are approved applicators of both Dulux Warranty Powders and Interpon Warranty Powders, an achievement we are very proud of.

Accent  Powder coating offers:

  • Coating to Australian Standard AS3715 (Metal Finishing – Thermoset Powdercoating for Architectural Applications), ensuring best practice is maintained at all times.
  • Full Chromate Conversion Pre-Treatment – the most recommended pre-treatment for aluminium. Our six stage process encompasses Acid Etch, Chromate Conversion, Demin Bath and the appropriate rinses.
  • Approved Applicators of Warranty Powders – we are proud to have achieved accreditation from both Dulux and Interpon for High Durability Warranty Powders.
  • Full Metal Paint Stripping Facility
  • Powdercoating of Lengths up to 7m
  • Express Service for Urgent Orders in Sydney (Powdercoating Sydney service)
  • 2 Spray Booths & 3 Ovens– to provide maximum flexibility and ensure both small and large runs receive equal care and attention
  • Delivery & Pickup Service(Sydney)

Why Choose Accent Powdercoating Sydney 

Powder coating Sydney

Powder coating in simpler term is an organic coating method where a fine powder made of a coating material is applied to the substance.

The first distinction between a traditional liquid paint and a powder coating finish is so the powder coating does not need a solvent to hold the binder and filler parts in liquid suspension structure. This powder is applied along with high voltage by electrostatic guns that impart a static ammunition to the powder. This allows the powder to stick to the component. The powder film is then baked at around 200°C, where it melts, and the curing happens, forming a paint ‘skin’ on the product.

There are over hundred’s of powder coating service providers and we Accent Powdercoating Sydney promises to deliver you the best powder coating service in Brookvale, Leichhardt, and Sydney.

We do have over 20 years of experience providing premium quality  Metal Stripping, Paint Stripping services, and offering the best powder coating service in Brookvale, Sydney. We also have been providing the powder coating services to few good industries in Leichhardt, Sydney.

Accent Powder coaters Powder coating Process

Accent powder coating Sydney complies to Australian Standards AS3715 which ensures you that you would always get best powder coating services from Accent powder coaters. It is highly preferable when you are in need of Metal Finishing – Thermoset Powder coatings for the Architectural requirements.


We do provide a 6-stage Full Chromate Conversion Pre-Treatment with an in-house capacity to serve all our clients’ needs. We have a Full Metal Paint Stripping Facility which helps us to provide the best of the powder coating service in Brookvale.

We do have two spray booths, and three ovens make us capable of coating even 7.0m parts. Accent Powdercoaters complies to AS1627 in this Multi-Stage Full Chromate Conversion Pre-Treatment.

We also pack your orders for the transport which reduces your damage to the finished surface while in transportation. We have our fleet, which ensures our customers receives speedy delivery to keep ourselves known to be the provider of best powder coating service in Brookvale as well as entire Sydney. We also offer Express Delivery options for Powdercoating Services in Sydney.

In case any of our powder coating clients needs specific supplies; we do procure Aluminium from ALSupply Aluminum. What makes us feel proud to be the best powder coating service providers is; we are the Approved Applicators of Dulux and Interpon Warranty Powders.


With this, Accent Powdercoaters ensures that your powdercoating order would meet:

  1. Standards set my AU AS3715.
  2. 6 Stage Pre-Treatment Service complying to AS1627
  3. Best quality of aluminum
  4. Best quality of Powdercoating Powders.
  5. Capacity to serve all kind of orders.
  6. Ability to do powder coating on 7m parts.
  7. Pickup facility.
  8. Delivery in entire Sydney
  9. Express delivery option in urgent orders.
  10. Guarantee for the best powder coating service as we are the approved applicators of Dulux and interpon warrantied powders.

In Conclusion you can trust Accent Powder coating Sydney for any of your powdercoating requirements. We request you to give us an opportunity to serve you. Please share your powdercoating requirement here.

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