For over 20 years Accent Powdercoaters has been providing premium quality Powdercoating services in Sydney. We take pride in our excellent reputation amongst our customers, suppliers, and competitors

Our genuine commitment to quality and service has seen an expansion to our services to meet and exceed our customer needs, and we will continue to do so. We know that our client’s reputation rests on the quality of their work, and our goal is to achieve the highest level of quality and customer service for our clients to support them in this endeavor.

Accent Powdercoaters Brookvale is an approved applicator of both Dulux Warranty Powders and Interpon Warranty Powders which is an achievement we are very proud of.

Only applicators who have met stringent quality conditions and international standards are granted this approval, and we have invested heavily in our business to guarantee our performance in both preparing and coating your material.

What Is Powdercoating?

Powder coating in simpler term is an organic coating method where a fine powder made of a coating material is applied to the substance.

The first distinction between a traditional liquid paint and a powder coating finish is so the powder coating does not need a solvent to hold the binder and filler parts in liquid suspension structure. This powder is applied along with high voltage by electrostatic guns that impart a static ammunition to the powder. This allows the powder to stick to the component. The powder film is then baked at around 200°C, where it melts, and the curing happens, forming a paint ‘skin’ on the product.

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Coating to Australian Standard AS3715

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Powdercoating of Lengths up to 7m

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An Investment in quality – Approved Applicators of Dulux & Interpon Warranty Powders.

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