Yes!  Accent has access to the entire Alsupply Aluminium inventory.  You can place your order for both the aluminium and powdercoating at the same time – we will take care of ordering the aluminium, receiving and checking, then powdercoating.

Please visit the Alsupply website for full details here www.alsupply.com.au

Accent’s chemical stripping service means you do not need to worry about hazardous chemicals in your workplace, nor costly and time consuming “backyard” methods.

Our state of the art, expanded facilities take exceptional care of your goods, our staff and the environment.

We can pickup, strip, powdercoat and deliver your material, making us a one-stop finishing shop!

The Accent stripping service involves an immersion process in a temperature controlled chemical bath.  This penetrates the existing coating, causing it to separate from the substrate.  Once immersed for the required time, your items will be pressure washed, checked by our dedicated stripping expert, and then re-immersed if necessary.

Our specialty is aluminium lengths and componentry, however our process can handle:

  • Aluminium
  • Mild steel
  • Wrought iron
  • Stainless steel
  • Sheetmetal

Yes!  The stripping process will remove all traces of the previous powdercoat and it will be ready for pre-treatment and coating.  You can order this in one simple step – we will take care of the rest.

As part of our genuine commitment to quality, Accent offers:

  • Coating to Australian Standard AS3715 (Metal Finishing – Thermoset Powdercoatings for Architectural Applications), ensuring best practice is maintained at all times.
  • Full Chromate Conversion Pre-Treatment – the most recommended pre-treatment for aluminium. Our six stage process encompasses Acid Etch, Chromate Conversion, Demin Bath and the appropriate rinses.
  • Approved Applicators of WarrantyPowders – we are proud to have achieved accreditation from both Dulux and Interpon for High Durability Warranty Powders.
  • Full Metal Stripping Facility
  • Coating of Lengths up to 7m
  • Express Servicefor Urgent Orders
  • 2 Spray Booths & 3 Ovens– to provide maximum flexibility and ensure both small and large runs receive equal care and attention.
  • Express Service for Urgent Orders.
  • Delivery & Pickup Service(Sydney)

Powdercoating is an advanced technical method of applying a decorative and protective finish to a wide range of materials.

The coating is applied electrostatically as a dry powder, with the charged powder particles adhering to the electrically grounded surfaces until heated and fused into a tough, solid film in a curing oven.  The result is a durable, uniform, high quality finish.

When compared to liquid paints, powdercoating provides a more durable finish, and is also less hazardous than liquid paints as it does not require solvents and is VOC free.

Powdercoaitng is ideal for a variety of needs, including:

  • Internal and External installations
  • Residential & Commercial work
  • #747474
  • Decorative and Practical purposes

Powdercoatings are usually applied to metal substrates such as aluminium or steel as the baking process is approximately 200 degree Celsius.

Accent Powdercoaters specializes in the pre-treatment and coating of aluminium and steel products, including but not limited to:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Fences
  • Partitions
  • Shop Fronts
  • Automotive and Bikes

Our comprehensive powder coating process and service involves the following steps:

  1. Checking – we will ensure that the material we receive matches your order and immediately alert you to any discrepancies so you don’t get any surprises once your coating is completed.
  2. Pre-treatment – Mechanical and chemical methods of cleaning, preparing and protecting a substrate prior to the application of powder.We use a Full Chromate Conversion Pre-treatment, the most recommended pre-treatment for aluminium.
  3. Jigging – this is the process of presenting the items correctly in preparation for coating using jigs and other equipment. Your products are hand jigged to ensure the best coating most suited to your individual product requirements  is achieved.
  4. Powder Application – this is the electrostatic application of the dry powder to a substrate. A mixture of new, state of the art automatic and manual guns are used by our dedicated powdercoaters in our two spray booths to ensure even coating of all visible surfaces.
  5. Curing – Heating substrate to cause powder to flow and form a uniform coating. Our three ovens provide optimal curing conditions.
  6. Packing – we want your goods to arrive looking exactly as they did when they came out of the oven. Your products are hand wrapped to minimize damage.

Quality pre-treatment is necessary for the successful adhesion of the powder.  The pre-treatment process involves a chemical reaction on the surface of the metal to clean it of dirt, oils and grease, and then convert it into a chemical layer that is resistant to corrosion as powdercoating alone will not provide a corrosion resistant coating on metal.

This is a very important step in the coating process which is often underestimated by less competent coaters.  Accent Powdercoaters utilises the most recommended pre-treatment for aluminium, being a Full Chromate Conversion Pre-Treatment.

This seven stage process encompasses Acid Etch, Chromate Conversion, Demin Bath and the appropriate rinses.

Yes, Accent Powdercoaters are approved applicators of both Dulux and InterponWarranty Powders, an achievement we are very proud of.

Only applicators who have met stringent quality conditions and international standards are granted this approval, and we have invested heavily in our business to guarantee our performance in both preparing and coating your material.

 As an approved applicator, our processes are regularly audited and test panels are subjected to impact, adhesion, film build and accelerated weathering tests.  These are performed by both externally to maintain our Approved Applicator status, as well as in-house as part of our ongoing quality control processes.

All Warranties must be requested and applied for when your order is placed.  There are strict guidelines imposed by the powder manufacturers and they cannot be applied for retrospectively.

A charge applies for all Warranty procedures, which covers:

  •  A full chemical analysis and recording of titrations of our pretreatment baths.
  • An oven profile to check that the temperature is constant, uniform and attaining the correct cure level.
  • Powdercoating of test panels with your order.
  • Testing of completed test panels including reverse impact, solvent, film build, cross hatch adhesion and pressure cooker weathering.
  • Documentation and records.

 As part of the application process you will need to provide information on the Project, such as building purpose, site location, proximity to salt water and substrate.  Please also refer to the Warranty Provisions to ensure the Warranty selected is suitable for your specific project requirements. 

Yes, it is absolutely possible to order custom made powders.  Keep in mind that minimum quantities do apply, so please contact our office for further details and a quote.


Powder coating is considered far more environmentally friendly than wet paints or anodizing.  There are a number of reasons for this:

  • The Product: Powder coatings are 100% solid, they use no solvents, have no fumes and no dangerous gasses which are harmful to the environment and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Powder coat products used by Accent are also free of heavy metal pigments such as lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury.
  • Less Waste: The spraying process used by Accent is much more efficient than wet paint processes, which means less wastage.
  • Waste Disposal: Powder coats have limited to non leaching effect in dry form and no leaching effect in the cured form.
  • Durability: The high durability of powder coatings means the need to recoat is less common, which means less burden on the environment into the future.

The best method of cleaning is by regular washing of the coating using a solution of clean warm water and non-abrasive, pH neutral detergent solution.  Surfaces should be thoroughly rinsed after cleaning to remove all residues.  All surfaces should be cleaned using a soft cloth, sponge or a soft natural bristle brush.

The frequency of cleaning depends in part on the standard of appearance that is required and also the need to remove deposits that could cause damage during prolonged contact.

In environments with very high corrosivity levels, such as industrial or marine, we recommend cleaning at least every three months. Even more regularly in adverse weather conditions.

For more information about caring for your powdercoated material, or tips on installation, please contact the office for a detailed fact sheet.

We have two convenient locations – Brookvale & Leichardt – for the drop off and collection of your goods.  Of course, if you require delivery we can arrange this also.

Our Powdercoating Factory and Metal Stripping Plant are located at Brookvale.

Yes! We can collect and deliver your large and small orders using our fleet of vehicles.