How do you apply for a Warranty?

All Warranties must be requested and applied for when your order is placed.  There are strict guidelines imposed by the powder manufacturers and they cannot be applied for retrospectively.

A charge applies for all Warranty procedures, which covers:

  •  A full chemical analysis and recording of titrations of our pretreatment baths.
  • An oven profile to check that the temperature is constant, uniform and attaining the correct cure level.
  • Powdercoating of test panels with your order.
  • Testing of completed test panels including reverse impact, solvent, film build, cross hatch adhesion and pressure cooker weathering.
  • Documentation and records.

 As part of the application process you will need to provide information on the Project, such as building purpose, site location, proximity to salt water and substrate.  Please also refer to the Warranty Provisions to ensure the Warranty selected is suitable for your specific project requirements.