What is Accent powdercoaters process?

Our comprehensive powder coating process and service involves the following steps:

  1. Checking – we will ensure that the material we receive matches your order and immediately alert you to any discrepancies so you don’t get any surprises once your coating is completed.
  2. Pre-treatment – Mechanical and chemical methods of cleaning, preparing and protecting a substrate prior to the application of powder.We use a Full Chromate Conversion Pre-treatment, the most recommended pre-treatment for aluminium.
  3. Jigging – this is the process of presenting the items correctly in preparation for coating using jigs and other equipment. Your products are hand jigged to ensure the best coating most suited to your individual product requirements  is achieved.
  4. Powder Application – this is the electrostatic application of the dry powder to a substrate. A mixture of new, state of the art automatic and manual guns are used by our dedicated powdercoaters in our two spray booths to ensure even coating of all visible surfaces.
  5. Curing – Heating substrate to cause powder to flow and form a uniform coating. Our three ovens provide optimal curing conditions.
  6. Packing – we want your goods to arrive looking exactly as they did when they came out of the oven. Your products are hand wrapped to minimize damage.